Antonietta Brandeis
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Antonietta Brandeis - A Gondola On A Venetian Backwater Canal
Self Portrait

Antonietta Brandeis

(Miskowitz/Bohmen 1849-1910 Venedig)

Antonietta Brandeis (Miskowitz/Bohmen 1849-1910 Venedig) was one among many artists to make the artistic pilgrimage to Venice.

The attraction of the city and its cultural history is conveyed in this painting through the artist's detailed depiction of the intricate Renaissance architecture.

The contemporary nature of the subject is made more immediate by the two figures, however, and the bright Italian sunlight which inundates the scene. The portrayal of light became an issue of increasing significance towards the end of the nineteenth century. Painting out of doors, artists could form a direct comparison between their palette and the colours in front of them. (From visual arts)

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